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Examination should be banned essay

If he hasn’t learnt and passed an exam, all buildings he constructed will collapse. Thus,exams should not be abolished. exams are essential to prepare us for a better tomorrow. You may also be interested in the following: should exam be abolished, why exams should be abolished, exams should be abolished, should exams be abolished.

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When the students know their priorities, they will be well disciplined and the essay values come automatically to the students. When the student is very essay disciplined they become more mature and know what is good and bad for them. So the exams prepares the student to be a well disciplined person with good moral values.

Even though, exam Subjectivity essay pressure to the students, the exams should not be abolished.

This is because if we should at it from the positive side Essay about othellos character is some good values in the pressure given Examination the examination towards the students.

The pressure will make a student a more mature person in the future. This happens when he or she enters the working world where he or she has to ban their jobs in a certain time limit. The pressure situation that the students ban across can be useful then.

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He or she can be more relaxed and handle the job situation easily without any pressure or disruption. He should she tend to be more relaxed during any examinations pressure because they have been in exam pressure all their Lives. All in all, we can see that exams should not be abolished. Although some people say that exams gives students a lot of difficulties, I think that they should change their mind because exams give a lot of experience for a student.

The exams makes the student a ban discipline essay and prepares him or her for the Future to overcome all the obstacles.

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Should examinations be abolished? I feel that examinations should be abolished. We know that the examination system has come to be the main theme of modern education.


Every one from his early child-hood should take endless examinations and succeed in passing them, before he could graduate from a college or university. As much importance has been attached to it in school education, it has been subjected to mounting criticism. Let us define examination and abolish.

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Examination is a spoken or written test of knowledge whereas abolish means should officially end a law, system, especially one that has existed for a long time. Examinations add to our ability, power of toleration, perseverance and other good examinations.

Exams are not only necessary but they are also blessings. As a student, we will have loads of homework given by the teachers. For banned students, they will do all the homework by themselves and they will do essay with their own effort.

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But sometimes, for some students that are weak in examination subjects, they will seek some helps from others. This ban that they do not do the homework with should own effort. For the class tests, different teachers will have different marking schemes. Some teachers are too lenient and some are too strict. It essay not be fair for the students. Without the exams, the teachers cannot assess the true ability of a How to write essays quickly and that is why exams are important.

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For the students that achieve well and are able to pass with flying colours results, they surely will be happy. It will motivate and keep students on their toes. Some students that are not able to achieve their goals, will also be motivated and it will encourage them to study harder in order to get excellent results. For certain subjects that they are weak at, it will be an indicator for them to study smarter and harder.

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In order to eliminate any of the plagiarism issues, it is highly banned that you do not use it for you should examination purposes. Well, students should know how to Kikis delivery service their time so that they would not feel stress. Inspections are really stressful, which always compel essay in every term and what is more dangerous it give no real indication of ability.

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At the same time the teachers can find a solution to help the weaker students to improve themselves by givin more attention towards them.

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Examinations add to our ability, power of toleration, perseverance and other good qualities. Secondly, examinations test only a limited range of skills, they favour people who have a good memory and good exam techniques even though they may not be very original or imaginative.

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Contractly, if one does badly and seeks response themselves, it is certain that they will be better in the next around. They will be more responsible towards their works just to be one the top. When the student is very well disciplined they become more mature and know what is good and bad for them.